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Microsoft to Unveil Free Home windows 8 Update Later This Season

Microsoft has needed to face critique for the first time due to Home windows 8. Despite the fact that the organization has launched some items that flopped previously, like Home windows Vista, the critique wasn’t as intense as it's been for Home windows 8. The sales still plod along, getting arrived at 100 million in six several weeks. This puts the operating-system at component with Home windows 7, the version Home windows 8 was meant to replace. At the moment, it's discovering it difficult to carve a distinct segment by itself, not to mention replace Home windows 7.

Microsoft  Free Windows 8

The people appear to possess declined Home windows 8. There has been numerous cases of people downgrading their Computers from Home windows 8 to Home windows 7. Obviously, the backlash continues to be strong. So, it comes down as no real surprise that Microsoft is attempting to alter the problem around it may. For this function, the organization had introduced they would to produce Home windows 8 update prior to the end of the season. Initially entitled Home windows Blue the update was meant to rectify the issues Home windows 8 was receiving critique for.

Since that time, the reputation for the update continues to be transformed into Home windows 8.1. The reason will stay the same, that is enhancing the Home windows 8 consumer experience. However, what this doesn't show is whether or not the update will really lead towards more powerful Home windows 8 sales. Microsoft further put into the intrigue by announcing lately they plan to unveil Home windows 8.1 like a free update instead of with strings attached. What this means is there's little chance it might raise the Home windows 8 sales.

Microsoft continues to be attempting to project optimism so far as Home windows 8 is worried. The 100 million licenses offered, being an umbrella figure, have led hugely towards relieving a few of the doubts. However, some reviews are showing that the amount of licenses offered doesn’t represent the amount of people really using Home windows 8 on their own Computers. The time is near to 60 million when the reviews should be taught. Which means that Microsoft continues to be banking its future chances on hope instead of solid performance.

Yet, one cannot help but state that 58 million is a big number. In the event that so many people are really using Home windows 8, there has to be something good about this. As things stand, Home windows 8.1 is going to be open to Home windows 8 customers like a free update. They must install the update to upgrade their form of Home windows 8. However, you will find no certainties regarding whether individuals will really wish to download it, even when it's readily available for free. In the end, you will find very few changes that are being spoken of prior to the update is really revealed.

Microsoft wants to obtain more individuals to use Home windows 8. Much is obvious in the actions the organization has had in the last couple of several weeks. Supplying an update cost free, which too Home windows 8.1, appears just like a desperate measure to obtain individuals to use their operating-system.
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