Saturday, 18 May 2013

Google Glass Is A Huge Success Based On Study

Google Glass
Negative people out there have assaulted Google Glass, declaring the method is too niche to draw in major mainstream attention. New research however indicates not simply will Google Glass sell well, it'll really be considered a huge hit for that software giant.

They at BiTE Interactive commissioned YouGov to conduct research around the few Google Glass. The organization questioned 1,000 American mobile phone customers 18 many older for that study.

Based on the study one out of 10 participants stated they'd put on Google Glass regularly no matter cost. Simultaneously 45% of the participants call Google Glass “too socially awkward” and “too irritating” to put on. Another 44% of participants say Google Glass doesn’t offer features they find necessary or desirable.

Based on BiTE Interactive EVP of Procedures Frederick Farrell:

“Google is leading the wearable technology bubble because it looks to define exactly what the next consumer screen is going to be. Google’s past achievements have happened once they offer an innovative product which solves a genuine consumer need. However, with Glass it appears as though Google risks subjecting a significant disconnect between its pioneering technology and also the key problem it solves. Google's Glass Adoption Forecast reveals a lot more concerns for Google’s Glass strategy with nearly all Smartphone proprietors unconvinced that it is key features will make it worth purchasing.”

Just how can an item known as “undesirable” and “too socially awkward” be described as a future hit? Based on BiTE a radical new device having a 10% adoption rates are rather astounding.

When we take into account that 136.7 million Smartphone customers reside in the U . s . States that may mean 13.six million could be prepared to pair their Smartphone with Google Glass.

Even when one in 100 people could be prepared to give Google Glass ago that's still 1.36 million models offered, pretty good for any technology nobody has ever utilized in real existence.

The cool thing is the BiTE study is problematic due to overzealous participants who like the thought behind Google but don’t always want or need to cover the tech.

Regardless of the situation might be Google Glass gets lots of press exposure and future enhancements towards the technology after release can be to bolster the brand new wearable technology.
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